We are a old school Amiga / PC demo / Hax0r group from way back.

We did a lot of stuff.... from Music,Photo-compos,Hax0r mags in Danish to 4K/64 and Amiga demos, but all is done for FUN! -not profit!
Please Note ! Not all our members want a picture and profile on the site....
Please see : [The Tours] for FULL list....

The Public faceing member...

NICK name : H a r l e y M a n

Master Project : CO2NSL on a BeagleBone Black
Coding music : [Italosound] [Hardbase.fm] [Partyzone.Nu]
Streaming (DEMO stuff) : [Scenesat]
Coding : ASM68K / c / c++ and Shaders with GLSL Sandbox
The Github [Harleyman GITHUB]
YouTube Channel: [Harleyman videos]
Running OS: [Ubuntu] (And a Windows)
Prod. Done (as DNV): [as DNV/Mirror]
Prod. Done (as Harleyman): [as Harleyman/Mirror]

Music done :